Buy, Borrow or Digital?

I get books from all sorts of resources.  Sometimes I buy new, used, ebook or check out from the library.  This got me thinking about why I do each, and what is the deciding factor for others.

Some are a no brainier, like $.99 ebook sale or coming across that TBR wishlist read in great condition at a second hand store.  Which I’m sure you all agree that you do the same!  Other books are more complicated as to where I get the book.


I have my auto buy authors: Stephen King, Kate Morton, Kristin Hannah to name the big ones.  I’ll buy books that are part of a series I love, like Outlander and I’m starting to collect the shadow hunters books, even though I’ve yet to start them.  image

There are other books that just seem special, and I think I will absolutely fall in love so it just makes sense to purchase a copy.


While I would obviously love to own every book I read, the wallet doesn’t agree with me.  I’ll borrow books if I’m unsure if I will like it.  I’ll also borrow the “random” books that I come across that I want to read.  The books that aren’t well known so there’s no telling if it will be stellar or not.  I will also always borrow the read in a day type books.  Mostly YA, where I know the story will be good but not amazing enough where I will read again and again.


The only time I’ll ever buy an Ebook is if there is a big $1.99 or $.99 sale or I have an iTunes gift card.  I don’t care for them much.  I don’t mind getting some ebooks from the library.  I do read them faster then physical books, but for me, they are not a replacement for the real thing.  I also can’t get behind the idea of spending a bunch of money for an ebook, when the physical copy that you can hold is only a few dollars more.  That just doesn’t make sense to me, but then again I like stuff and having books all around.

How about you?  What makes you decide to buy, borrow or go digital?


Wonderland: a Review

This is a different type of review, as this is a different sort of book.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that adult coloring books are the thing this year.  Said to be great stress relief and a good creative outlet, more and more adults are picking up their color pencils and markers and sitting with a coloring book.


I have always enjoyed the story of Alice in Wonderland,  and this coloring book doesn’t disappoint!  The detail of this book is amazing, down to the beauty after taking off the jacket.  It’s a coloring book inspired by Alice, so it’s different than the original, but in such a wonderful way!


One of the things that sets this coloring book apart from others that I have seen is that it really does tell a story, both through the pictures and text.




There are also some activities scattered throughout.imageimage

I would say that this book is a must have for Alice in Wonderland fans.  I am begin impressed with the quality of the book, the details that went into it and the artwork.  Now when my boys are coloring all afternoon, I can join in with something more beautiful than avengers and Mickey Mouse…..if only I could bring myself to start coloring in this book!

Thank you to Random House and Blogging for Books for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

Never Open Desert Diner: a Review

 Never Open Desert Diner by James Anderson
304 pages

Published March, 2016

Mystery. Suspense. Literary Fiction.

Ben’s life has been quiet.  In fact really everyone’s lives along route 117 have been quiet.  117 is a desolate stretch of highway along desert in Utah.  Ben owns a delivery service to deliver to the 10 or so people who live out there.  Aside from the random dwellings, there is a diner that doesn’t open any more, belonging to Bn’s friend.  Tragic events caused the diner to pretty much shut down.  Life is pretty routine until a mysterious woman appears in an abandoned model home,  bringing all sorts of excitement along with her.  Route 117 will never be the same.

Totally underrated book.  It was just released, and I haven’t seen it in a book store, or anywhere on social media.  Complete shame that all these people are missing out.  This book was SO GOOD!  James Anderson did a phenomenal job at writing this, and it’s his debut book. He set such a haunting and mysterious tone to the plot that vaguely reminds me of Stephen King.  The character development was so strong, you knew these desert residents and when a curveball comes your way, you are actually surprised.

The Never a Open Desert Diner is categorized mainly as mystery/psychological thriller.  While there is some mystery and a tad bit thrilling, I would think of this book as more of a literary fiction work.

Thank you to blogging for books for sending me a copy in exchange for this post. Without this program, I might not have ever heard of this book, and that would be sad.


Confess: a Review

  Confess by Colleen Hoover

306 pages

Published March, 2015

New Adult. Contemporary. Romance.

Auburn is a fairly quiet, personal person.  She goes to work at a hair salon and goes to her apartment where she rooms with a loud quirky girl.  Finding herself in need of some more money for some legal fees (I won’t tell you why), Auburn needs to find another job.  In a case of being in the right place at the right time, she discovers an art studio needing immediate help.  She works a gallery show that night and slowly begins to fall for the moody artist.  In some crazy serendipitous universe workings, Auburn is finally able to find her voice, who she is and allow herself to love.
This book is exactly what one would expect from the genre.  There are some bigger twists and craziness that you don’t typically find in new adult, setting the story apart somewhat, but it’s still a typical new adult contemporary novel.  That’s not a bad thing.  I think Colleen Hoover has talent to completely hit her genre.  She is a hilarious person, and has a good sense of writing style.  The books won’t ever be literary masterpieces, and that’s quite alright! This is the perfect between reads, light and fun book.  I’m going to stock up on some others by her, as they will make perfect summer beach reads!  I’m happy to have discovered this author and can’t wait to start another by her!

🌟🌟🌟 (however, if only rating in this genre, I give it 🌟🌟🌟🌟)

Find Her: a Review


 Find Her by Lisa Gardner  416 pages

Published February, 2016 Psychological Thriller. Mystery.

Seven years ago, carefree college student Flora was kidnapped while on spring break. For 472 days, Flora learned just how much one person can endure.

Flora Dane is a survivor.

Miraculously alive after her ordeal, Flora has spent the past five years reacquainting herself with the rhythms of normal life, working with her FBI victim advocate, Samuel Keynes. She has a mother who’s never stopped loving her, a brother who is scared of the person she’s become, and a bedroom wall covered with photos of other girls who’ve never made it home.

Flora Dane is reckless. . . . or is she? When Boston detective D. D. Warren is called to the scene of a crime—a dead man and the bound, naked woman who killed him—she learns that Flora has tangled with three other suspects since her return to society. Is Flora a victim or a vigilante? And with her firsthand knowledge of criminal behavior, could she hold the key to rescuing a missing college student whose abduction has rocked Boston? When Flora herself disappears, D.D. realizes a far more sinister predator is out there. One who’s determined that this time, Flora Dane will never escape. And now it is all up to D. D. Warren to find her. ”  Synopsis from Goodreads Find Her page.

This was one of my favorite psychological thrillers.  I was fully invested after the first chapter.  Find Her had so many good plot twists that this becomes one of those hard books to discuss if everyone hasn’t read the book. Hence the Goodreads description.  I couldn’t put into words as good as they did to explain the story without giving too much away. As we know, I am way anti-spoiler here!

Flora, albeit somewhat reckless, has some phenomenal survival skills.  When in the different kidnapped situations, you can’t help but think about what you would do in her situations.

There was one big “guess” that I was able to figure out before the book revealed it, but it was still an edge of your seat kind of read!

If you enjoy suspenful mystery type books,I highly recommend this one.  Technically, it is the 8th book in the Detective DD Warren series.  All of the books are stand alone, and follow the detective through different cases.  I can say now, this won’t be my last DD Warren book!


Shatter Me: a Review

 Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me series book 1 of 3)
338 pages

Published November, 2011

YA Dystopian Fiction

Juliet has rarely touched another human being.  When she does, they die.  After the fall of human civilization, due to the way we used the Earth, she survives as a prisoner in what she believes is a dark asylum cell.  The reestablishment has strong interest in her, seeing she has such a strong weapon in her power. Warner, young head of reestablishment, believes to be in love with Juliet.  Taking her out of her asylum cell, and bringing her up to the main living area, Juliet discovers the soldier in place as her guard is a boy she went to school with before the fall of civilization. Deciding to be together, they plan an escape.  And well, we will leave it at that for now!

I was in the mood for a quick, light YA read.  This was the perfect book for that need.  It had all the elements of your standard YA dystopian novel, and the thing that made it stand out from every other dystopian story is her powers: being able to kill with one touch and break brought cement as though it was butter.

The biggest problem I had was the love scenes.  The way they were written in the voice of the author just made them feel awkward.  I could have done without those scenes.

While it was nothing absolutely award winning in my opinion, it was still the perfect quick read.  I was intrigued enough to read in a day, and I’ve already picked up the second one!


Fellside: a Review

Fell side by M.R. Carey

496 pages

Published April, 2016

Thriller. Crime. Adult. Paranormal

Jess is accused, tried and found guilty of the murder of ten year old Alex, the boy who lived upstairs of her apartment.  During a heroin high, she unknowingly set her apartment on fire.  After her conviction, Jess is sent to Fellside; a private women’s prison.  Feeling horrible guilt, she goes on a hunger strike.  Authorities are not to force any food, but be there to try and make her comfortable.  Right before her body completely shuts down, Jess is visited by Alex and he tells her to not feel guilty about his death.  This changes Jess’ mind and she decides to eat and live again.  The rest of the book is about Jess’ experience at Fellside and falling into the corrupt prison system.  Of course, there’s way more to it, but as always this is a spoiler free zone!
This is one of those books where I feel like it isn’t that great as I’m reading it.  Parts felt really flat, and I was just ready to be done.  I needed a day after finishing to figure out my thoughts, to give this book a fair review.  My first instinct was three stars, but as I further digested the story, I realize it is worth more.  The storyline was very unique, and one I’ll remember long after reading.  As a whole, it was a very well done book.  While it didn’t keep my attention through all the pages, it definitely was an entertaining book to read and I would recommend it.