Untethered: a Review


Julie Lawson Timmer

352 pages

G. P. Putnam’s Sons.  June 2016

Women’s fiction.
Chars’s husband dies unexpectedly and she is left with her stepdaughter.  Untethered is a story of dealing with the grief of loss and finding your new place in the world. Char needs to decide if she wants to stay in the small Michigan town that she moved to when she got married, or move back to her fast paced DC life. Does she want to fight to keep Allie, a junior in high school, or let her live with her mother in CA, who doesn’t really want her.  

This book covered a lot aspects of what people go through when they loose someone close to them.  Allie, previously an A student, tutor, dream child starts hanging out with a questionable crew and developing a strong teenage attitude very unlike herself.  Char doesn’t know how much she should parent, only being a step mom for the past five years.  

Untethered was well written and there was enough going on in the story, so it was engaging throughout the whole story.  It was easy to fall in love with the characters and really pull for them to get through this rough time together.



So Close: a Review

Second day of July and I already finished my first read for book sparks’s July picks! I feel like July is going to be pretty awesome and be a great reading month!

So Close
By Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

288 pages

Sparkpress. June, 2016

Amanda grew up in a trailer park town, with a mother always out and was forced to take care of her little brother.  Wanting nothing more than to better her life, so leaves and becomes hotel staff at a Florida resort.  Meeting Tom Davis, successful lawyer and politician, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime while Tom is campaigning for the White House.  At the same time, she meets Pax Westerby, attractive rich boy who has the arrogance to go with his money.  Somehow, Amanda just can’t stay away.

So Close is a great finding yourself, new adult story that will appeal to readers if many ages.  It was a wonderful summer read: fluffy enough to read on the beach, but deep enough to keep you engaged.

The characters were all very relatable.  The authors did a great job if weaving everyone’s stories as well as letting the reader know a great deal about who they are without having to write it out for you.

If you are wanting a good beach read with the perfect mix of love, independence, struggle and happiness I would recommend So Close for your beach bag!  Not a literary masterpiece, but a very enjoyable book from cover to cover.