Catching up 

Hi all.  Just looking at the book blog it seems that I haven’t read a book in almost two months.  However, should you follow me on Litsy, good reads or Instagram (@kd_reads on each of those platforms) you would know that’s not the case.  Actually in these past two months I read over 10 books, one being an Outlander book -Dragonfly in Amber- and we all know how beastly those are! 

I’m not going to do full reviews for all those books I haven’t blogged about.  You can find that information on all my social media platforms.  Now that life has calmed back down, I promise not to leave my book blog hanging.  Not only do I love sharing recommendations and reviews with all of you, I love having a record for myself.

Not shown: The Passenger, The Problem with Forever, One True Loves (all library books)

I give all of these books a very high recommendation.  My favorite (outlander excluded) was no question The Choices We Maken by Karma Brown.  It was a raw story about friendship, marriage and the struggle of having a baby.  A great read if you are into women’s lit!

A standout psychological thriller was Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter.  I will say, there were some graphically disturbing scenes in the book. But as far as thrillers go, this was a fabulous one! There were lots of twists, and couldn’t put down moments. 

The other books this month were all equally wonderful for their own reason and you can see why I liked each of them in my Instagram feed.

Now I must go read some more on my current read: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. I’ll be back soon to share my thoughts!!


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