Rating Scale and Policy

I will rate each of the books I share on a 1-5 star scale.  For consistency purposes, here is what each number means:1 – didn’t even want to finishe

2 – OK story, missing somethinsong

3 – Well written story, but just not for me

4 – Great book, glad I read it

5 – ALL THE FEELS and I will be rereading and telling everyone who will listen about it

Review Policy:

I am currently accepting print ARCs.  I will post a full review, synopsis (no spoilers) and my rating scale number for each book read.  I review and enjoy all genres, but typically stay away from espionage/spy books at this time.  For inquires: Kristen.Danis@gmail.com

I typically need one month before you would like the review posted.  A posted review doesn’t mean a five star rating from me, but I will give a detailed review of the book to inform readers with the knowledge to make a decision to purchase the book for themselves.  In the event of a negative review, I will disclose why it personally didn’t work for me, but why it would be a good read for others.

I am also open to hosting sponsored giveaways.  Giveaways will be run through the comments section of the blog and winners chosen by random.

Blog statistics available upon request.