Fool Me Once: a Review

imageFool Me Once by Harlan Coben

400 pages

psycholgical thriller

Dutton books, 2016


On the day of her murdered husband’s funeral, Maya is given a nanny cam digital picture frame from long time best friend so that she can keep an eye on things at home.  One day while reviewing the footage of the day, Maya is in for a big surprise: Joe, her deceased husband playing with their two year old.  Maya must uncover secrets of her past and figure for herself what could possibly be happening.

This is the second book by Harlan Coben that I have read, the first being The Stranger.  I could definitely pick up on trends and personality of the author after reading both of these books.  This one definitely had me guessing and trying to solve the mystery right along with Maya.

Fool Me Once is set up differently than a lot of psychological thrillers in my opinion.  The way the reader solves the mystery along with Maya really gives you a chance to think and try and solve everything.  Not much is given away until it’s time for everything to come together.  It’s a very well done story that keeps you guessing……and then guessing something else!






Eleanor: a Review

 Eleanor by Jason Gurley
384 pages

Published January, 2016

During a tragic car accident, Esmeralda looses her life.  Her mother, father and twin sister Eleanor  must continue their broken lives.  One day, in school, Eleanor just disappears.  One week later she reappears in the school bathroom.  After several more “disappearings” she understands what is happening and what she must do to make things right again.

I had such a love hate relationship with this book.  The first 100 pages I adored and was thinking it was the best book ever!  Then the “sci fi” twist with all the disappearings and the crazyness of where she was going started and caught me off guard. (Even though I read the book description and knew a little of what was to come). For a little while there, I was unsure if I was going to like the rest of the book.  Once I got into it a little more I was really enjoying the mystery of it all.

There is a lot of unsure feelings about what is happening, but I think that’s the point. Everything was clearly wrapped up neatly in the end, but the writer hold out until the very end to answer all the questions in the book.  I felt that even though everything that Jason Gurley intends the story to be is written with full detail, there’s still some room for personal interpretation, which is wonderful.

The thing that stands out the most to me is Jason Gurley’s writing style. This book is so beautifully written.  He has a way with words that he was able to create such heartbreak, and dream lands that are so vivid yet so mysterious and poetic.  This alone makes the book a standout one to me.

Books for sending me a copy of Wreck and Order in exchange for an honest review.  I am very happy I read this book, and I think it’s one of those stories that will stick with me for a while.  This would be a phenomenal book club book with all the different key points that could be discussed.



Me Before You: a Review

 Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

369 pages

Published December 31, 2012
After her long term (and only) job at a small cafe comes to an abrupt end due to the closing of the cafe, Lou finds herself without a job.  Searching the job database, she finds she doesn’t have the background for any of the jobs she would want to do, and is hating the ones she is qualified for.  One day a caretaker position opens up.  Dreading it,babe goes to the interview.  To Lou’s surprise, the job is for caretaker of a recent quadriplegic who left his high profile job and adventurous lifestyle.  I’ll just leave it at that, but it is a love story, so I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Now, unpopular opinion time. This book is getting crazy publicity and such fabulous reviews, partially because of the movie coming out this summer.  People are going crazy for it and saying how much it made them cry, and it’s one if the best love stories ever.

I’m sorry.  I disagree.  Was it a good book? Yes.  Was it a cute story? Sure.  I enjoyed it. This was a very good light read. It had sad moments, but I didn’t cry (and I teared up at Fuller House so it doesn’t take much people.). I felt bad for the characters, and there is definitely some emotion, but the emotional scenes fell a bit flat for me.
I think it will be a good movie.  It will do decent.  There’s a sequel to the book: After You.  I plan on reading it.  It will be sweet, if it goes where I think it’s going to after the first one ended.  So while I didn’t feel it was an emotional wreak of a book and have all the feels after reading it, I did like it and would recommend it to friends.